Feeling Sporty: Kapow Meggings

Leggings are for gir…..OOOHHH, THOSE ARE CUTE!

I am a believer that when you have great legs…you should show them off! Sorry ladies, leggings aren’t just for you anymore.

When I was running I would always wear leggings, they were comfortable and just seemed more efficient. Then when I became a spin instructor, I thought maybe I should step up my legging game and get some crazy styles and patterns to make the experience more fun. What I discovered was that girls had ALL the options (per usual) and men were limited to black, white, and if we were lucky…navy. BUZZ KILL.I knew there had to be something more out there.

That’s when the Instagram God’s came through once again. I was scrolling through all my friends lovely lives and paused to go back to a picture that stood out from all the rest a guy wearing the prettiest red white and blue flag leggings I had ever seen! So I went to their account (@KapowMeggings) and scrolled through all the pictures of guys, like me, who wanted to show off their GREAT legs. YOU GO G-GUY!

I ordered my first pair, then shortly later my second, and….well you get where this is going. I am obsessed. I always get compliments and they are so cozy. they aren’t awkwardly hugging you in unforgiving places and they just fit. Also, the designs are head turners. You can wear these bad boys anywhere!
So go check them out! us.kapowmeggings.com

Use “JUSTIN10” at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase! 

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My Wishlist:

Go show off those legs, boys!

❤ Justin


One thought on “Feeling Sporty: Kapow Meggings

  1. You bet. I am building up my wardrobe, will be adding more men’s leggings in the near future…the Kapows look cool and the Jeffrey Scott ones too. Want some of the flashier metallic ones…the guys’ “fashion” scene here needs a real shake up, I’m out to challenge the stale, boring complacent establishment!!

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