Dallas Local: Lakewood Smokehouse

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and a local advertisement in my feed stole my attention. The ad had a picture of an ENORMOUS burger on it that made my mouth instantly start to water. So naturally, I decided to make it my mission to go find this legendary burger and give it a try. Lakewood Smokehouse is one of Dallas’ newest smokehouses in town. BONUS: It already has two locations within the Dallas city limits (one being off of Abrams and the Sister company on Preston- 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House).

Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM

Friday-Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday: 2-6 PM

Anywho, one hot day in June I found myself in a BBQ mood, so I took a trip to find this burger. As I stepped out of my car two things hit me: 1. the summer sun (DEATH) 2. the smell of great BBQ…being from Llano, TX the home of the infamous Coopers BBQ, I know what good BBQ smells like. I refrained from showing my initial excitement so I swiftly walked to the door (although I wanted to run). The vibes were casual and the people were friendly. As I sat down, I scrolled through Instagram looking for the name of this burger and that’s when I found it…THE ELVIS BURGER!

The Elvis Burger is named because it is “the king of all burgers” and I couldn’t agree more! This dream menu item consists of an 8 oz. smoked burger patty, with lettuce, onions, tomato (which I skipped the veggies) cheese, and to top it all off and onion ring crown full of freshly smoked brisket which is drizzled in their house BBQ sauce. YUM!!!!

When this beautiful compilation of a burger made it’s way to my table my mouth dropped. How on earth do you eat this thing? Well, I did. Every bite. Yes, I should probably be ashamed of all the calories I consumed in that one sitting. However, if I would not have finished I would have had serious FOMO.

In conclusion, I give Lakewood Smokehouse a HUGE THUMBS UP! Next time you find yourself looking for a memorable meal…give it a try!

❤ Justin

Let me know you were here!

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