On April 1st, I decided to chase after a goal. A few weeks later a door opened for me to reach that goal. I was chosen to become a spin instructor in training for my favorite studio in Dallas.

When I walked into my first training class, a mixture of nerves, excitement, and happiness consumed me. I remember thinking to myself, “What am I even doing here? Did they pick me by mistake?”

As I sat down in the corner of the room I started counting the trainees that entered the studio. One…two…three…four. We were the FIVE.

Cody, Karla, Peter, and Martin:

Thank you all for becoming some of my favorite people. From the moment we walked into the studio, we all quickly learned that becoming an instructor was not as easy as just selecting music, learning to ride and talk, and figuring out how to play with the lights (although all of those are real lessons). It took focus, hours of practice, and counting both 8-counts in every song and figuring out what worked, and hitting that beat with that DAMN lead leg.

Looking back it is inspiring that we walked into the studio with our own weakness’ and each week we all witnessed one another as we took on that weakness and transformed it into a new strength. I am so proud of how far we have come and how far we are about to go.

I appreciate all those times we talked and supported each other  in group texts, before class, in the middle of our training rides, after rough one-on-ones, etc. We kept each other going. We became a family of newbies that wanted nothing more but to see each other succeed in this journey.

So again, thank you. Thanks for being the people you are. I love each of you and am so grateful that this world (and Ride House) brought us together. ❤ Kendrick


As much as I adore the four above. There is one other person that I am so happy to have met. OUR FEARLESS LEADER.



Thank you for watching my audition and seeing what I hoped you would see. From day one of training I realized just how passionate you were not only for spin training, but for people. You genuinely cared about each one of us and you filled us with advice and tools to help us become successful on our journey to becoming ROCKSTARS!

Training five people (at different levels) to become instructors in a matter of weeks is not an easy task for one person. However, you took on the task and you did so with such grace and it has been truly inspiring.

I speak for all of us when I say we can’t THANK YOU enough for all that you have done. You’re the BEST! 


To Parker, Allen, and all of the other Ride House Rockstar family you all have been a major part to our success! Thank you for sharing your personal tips, check in desk computer skills, front rows (and even podium) to us. The Ride House truly is a family and I am so glad that I was adopted into it.

❤ Justin

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