So as many of you know yesterday I turned 28 years young. Every year I always look back and reflect my life, what I did, what I could have done better, etc. This year, instead of looking over the past, I am going to focus on my future by creating a map of what I want my next year to look like.

SOOOOO…what’s in store for my 28th year of life?

  1. Travel- I need a vacation.
  2. Visit old friends. Get the hell out of Dallas and see my lovelies more.
  3. Stay positive. Stay away from stress and negativity.
  4. Ask questions more.- whether it be in a professional setting and/or personal setting
  5. Volunteer (more than once)
  6. Learn how to cook. Seriously, it’s time.
  7. Teach someone something
  8. Learn something from someone 
  9. Read more- articles, books, etc.
  10. Take more “me dates”
  11. Try at least one new restaurant a month
  12. Save money. 
  13. Learn how to make a badass /healthy smoothie 
  14. Say yes more
  15. But don’t be afraid to say no, too
  16. Make art
  17. Travel somewhere alone
  18. Jump in a pool fully clothed
  19. Attend a music festival or concert
  20. Start a collection
  21. Do something that scares you 
  22. Finally go on that sky dive you’ve been planning
  23. Go to a sporting event 
  24. Invest in your style more 
  25. Spend a full night dancing. Act young again. Just once though…
  26. Order dessert before dinner (once.maybe twice)
  27. Give up something for a month. 
  28. Lastly, stay HAPPY. Don’t lose focus on your goals you killed it last year! 

Let me know you were here!

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