Chapter two: The Battle

Last year, I grew. I discovered that my outlook on my choices, goals, and life were all wrong. I was so scared to admit my failures that I blamed others for my own attempts. We all fall. But when do we decide to get back up?

That is the battle.

When we take our last breath, what will our life look like when it flashes before our eyes? Will it even be worth watching? We must separate our hard times and daily struggles, from our actual lives. We must learn to live for each moment as if it were our last. Because it could be.

We have grown up in a generation of people who are absent. Empty shells of human bodies walking around worrying, struggling, and scared. I was one of those people. Living in the motions but not experiencing the moments.

What happens when something goes wrong? Do you give up? Do you lose the sparkle in your eye that got you started? Because I did.

We must learn to fight through the darkness. Go against the majority and don’t be afraid to be the minority. Choose to push that sparkle of purpose and choose yourself. TODAY! Do not let your mind overtake you with  fears and worries that  hold you back from living. Stop looking at others and comparing yourself. Start living today and glance back and be proud of how far you have come. There is nothing more beautiful than watching your purpose, dreams, and happiness unfold.

You are strong. You are capable. You can do this.

Choose today to go after your dreams. Most importantly go find yourself.

❤ Justin


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