The Audition.

So one thing that I have learned about myself is that I am always so curious to step outside of comfort zones. It’s became one of my biggest strengths, a strength that is rooted by my biggest weakness. For example, when I was in college I was terrified of public speaking. So much so that my palms wouldn’t just get a little sweaty they would become as damp as the Pacific Ocean (it was bad). So one day I decided I was going to force myself to fix the problem, I auditioned to become a campus tour guide, and then a wish came true. I became addicted to speaking to groups of people both larger and small. Mission accomplished.

Fast forward to now, I have recently became a member of Studio Hop. Studio Hop is a monthly membership to different workout boutiques ranging from yoga, pilates, boxing, city surf, and SPIN. I quickly became obsessed with spin classes. The mix of energy of being in a room full of people with different stories and goals and the club like music and lighting make for a fun overall workout experience. After my first spin class I was so surprised how intense of a workout it actually was. I  quickly started attending spin 2-3 times per week. I went to all sorts of studios (Ride House, Zynn22, Terlingo, etc.) each class I admired the instructors passion for the students, they were all so motivating and just experts at indoor cycling. That’s when I started thinking…I want to be one of these people.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through instagram and came across an ad that mentioned one of my favorite indoor cycling studios was looking for new instructors and was holding auditions on April 1st. It was one of my goals to audition later on in the year so I could get a little more experience on the bike. However, I wasn’t about to let my timing hold me back from an opportunity. So I signed up. I was instructed to build a three song playlist that I could choreograph exercises for different ranges of RPM’s (revolutions per minute). I have always been obsessed with building playlists so this part was fun. Once I had my playlist (click here to listen) it was time to break it down. I quickly realized how technical the instruction piece was when I learned the timing of each beat of the song. I implemented push-up’s, tap backs, jumps, and sprints into my three songs and was ready to go!

The big day came and all day I did nothing but obsess over my playlist. I was so nervous to be walking into a room full of my favorite instructors and audition to be one of them. I had so many self doubts running  through my head, but I knew this is something I had been wanting to do. As I practiced the audition in my head all day, I quickly decided I wanted to have a theme… #marryyourgoals. Very similar to my spin journey, I had a goal to get in shape after getting to a very unhealthy state of mental and physical health. I met that goal. My goal and I went on dates to different studios and on April 1st, I married that goal. I went to the audition, and had a few minor mishaps given it was my first time riding to my playlist, but I had a BLAST! I fell in love with being on the instructors stage and people listening to my playlist and reaching their goals with me. Regardless, of the outcome of my audition, I know that after this my life will not be the same, from here on out I will always push my mind and body to go further.

I am anxiously waiting to find out if my dream of becoming a spin instructor is going to become a reality sooner than I had originally expected. In the meantime, I will continue to work at the dream…because I got a taste of it and now I am thirsty for more.

Go marry your goals this week!

Dare you.

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