Maraca’s Cocina Mexicana: Brunch Review

Ok brunchers, we’re back and fuller than ever. After a delicious meal at Maraca’s Cocina Mexicana and a Sunday FUNday in Deep Ellum, both my heart and stomach are full. Brunch is my favorite meal of the week, it brings everyone together and I feel like each week my brunch squad gets bigger and bigger and I LOVE IT.


My lovely friend Kori is the brunch planner for this week. She has been raving about this Mexican restaurant for weeks, so we decided to give it a try. I feel like Maraca’s is Deep Ellum’s best kept secret. The food, drinks, and overall experience is not too shabby.

  1. THE FOOD!
    My plate was a delight, two fluffy biscuits with a warm egg and smothered in Spanish gravy is my idea of a good time. Add some Spanish potatoes into the mix and I surrender my diet to this plate of glory.
    $1. Yes, you read that correctly…ONE DOLLAR. This becomes a fun interactive game of who can spend the most dollars?
    A lively fellow on the guitar was singing all sorts of festive Spanish music. When he arrived to our table he asked, “What are you all celebrating?” Unlike many tables, it was nothing special (birthdays, engagements, etc) so someone said, “being alive,” to which he proceeded by singing a cover of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. This along with the countless mimosa’s was a good mixture for a fun group karaoke sing off.

Would I come back and relive this brunch experience? ABSOLUTELY! This place was definitely one to add to the list of local brunch favorites.


Following dinner we ventured into the Deep Ellum neighborhood, below are a few snaps of what happened…

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