Mudhen Meat & Greens: Brunch Review

img_2083I will admit that I have been slacking on my Dallas Brunch reviews. I would be a liar if I told you that I just haven’t eaten brunch. I guess I just haven’t been inspired to write anything about any of the places…until now!

Earlier last week, I texted a few girlfriends that I needed to see before I went absolutely mad. I also invited a few other friends to add to the laughter and good conversation. Now the question was, where do we go for Sunday Brunch?

Mudhen Meat & Green is located in the Dallas Farmers Market (DFM) District. This hidden gem is a fun, unique, and delicious dining experience. The menu is completely gluten free and offers a variety of healthy meal options. One thing to note about this restaurant is that Sunday brunch is a BUSY time. Luckily, we made reservations the day before and was able to sit down right away, unlike many of the other guests that had stumbled across the restaurant after visiting the local booths at the DFM. They have a fun inside that is completely decorated farm to table-esk. Also, an incredibly large patio with great downtown views.

A popular question that I get from friends searching for brunch locations is always, “do they have unlimited mimosa’s?” Dallas restaurants have been placed under certain constraints to serving unlimited mimosas by TABC (Dallas-ites know how to turn up too well, I guess). So these restaurants have become very creative with a way to serve their guests with what they want. So no, Mudhen does not offer unlimited mimosas. However, after two of their cute little champagne filled mason jars you will be completely satisfied. I dare you to drink three…I did (but only if you took an uber). These mimosa’s are $6 and fabulous. There were no complaints from my group.

photo by: Lauren H.

Now for the food. AMAZING. The kind of meal that you finish completely satisfied and not feeling like a beached whale. I had heard a thing or two about the Mudhen Migas so that’s what I went for and I am so glad that I did. The Mudhen Migas consisted of Vital Farm Eggs, rajas, organic tortillas that are baked and topped with avocado-tomatillo salsa and green chili pulled pork (which was BOMB), served with a refreshing arugula salad. My friend (also photographer) had the Green Eggs & Ham Benedict, which equally as delicious as mine. This plate was full of Duroc Ham, poached eggs, dressed arugula and basil pesto on Wolfermans English Muffins. YUM!

Mudhen Meat & Greens was like a magical brunch journey. The mixture of the incredible trendy staff, throwback jams, great food, and delicious mimosas made all of us find our happy place. I encourage you to go on this same journey soon! Invite me!



One thought on “Mudhen Meat & Greens: Brunch Review

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I need to try Mudhen Meats & Green, I love grabbing a cocktail from Green Door Public House around the corner from them.


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