This past weekend I was reminded of how blessed that I am. Ok, Justin…way to be into yourself, right? Well, I have to brag because I am so blessed because I have an incredible friend circle (aka: peeps, squad, soul mates, compadres, pals). These last few months I have worked on becoming more approachable, I have focused on being open to meeting new people while maintaining close contact with my current group. BEST. DECISION. EVER. MADE.

Describing my squad is nearly impossible. We are all SO different, and oddly enough the uniqueness of each person somehow bring us all together perfectly. Diversity is such a beautiful thing. My friends have taught me so much about the world through their own experiences. They add value and happiness to my life, and for that I am forever grateful.

So to all my friends (you know who you are) THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting me, pushing me, and loving me. I know at times I can be a lot to handle, but you all handle it without complaint. Your hearts are all pure gold and I am obsessed with all of you.

(I couldn’t possibly add photo’s of everyone, so I will add a few of my old and new favs!)

Love you more,
❤ Justin




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