5 ways to make an apartment a home.

So if there is one thing i’m obsessed with, its home decor (blame my mother). I love buying trinkets to make whatever space I’m renting at the time more of a home. So many times renters hold off investing in decor and furniture until they buy their first home. That may be smart, but I am impatient. So for those of you like me…this is 5 ways to improve your space.

1. Give your walls some love.
Most people go and buy random over priced artwork and that’s fine. But a home should be all about you. So fill the walls also with your own creativity. Buy some blank canvas’ and make your own artwork. Or use your own photography, make the walls image your inner artistry.

My walls are filled with photo’s I have taken on trips and things that make me happy. Below, you will find a few of the my pictures that are showcased in my home.

2.Set the mood.
Of course lighting is a HUGE part of creating a space. Buy fun lamps, if they are old and ugly make them old and not so ugly. over head lighting can remind you of being in an office, so try to avoid those as your main source of light for your new space.

My favorite lights in my place just so happen to be two old strands of holiday lights, draped above my bed. One pair is normal and the other twinkles. The combination of lights puts me in my happy place and it makes my room feel more relaxing after a long day.

3. Accents and things.
I l16195116_1851033468476368_27775503498423139_nove to add a pop of color to my home. Pick a color you love, but maybe it doesn’t go matchy matchy with your color palette. Then run with it. I like accent walls (paint, wallpaper, see your lease agreement), but you could also do pops of accent with pillows or random trinkets around your apartment. Get creative. But adding accents will make your space warm and everyone will think your trendy.

My accent wall is an empty room that many would label my dining room. I chose a easy stick a peel wallpaper from Target. It’s a rich navy with gold splatter paint. I am still concerned if it’s going to peel as easy as the reviews said. However, that’s a risk I was willing to take.

4. Clean.
Ok, ok, I know I sound like your mother. But a clean home is a happy one. I always pick up things I may have left around my apartment  throughout the week, on Friday morning before i leave for work, this allows me to come home to a tidy apartment. Give yourself a day every other week to do a deep cleaning…scrub it all, wash your sheets, play some good tunes and let “Jesus take the…” broom.

5. Hang out in it
It sounds silly, but many of us are hardly ever at home. So invite people over, or spend a night solo. Regardless, spend time with your space. You will be glad that you did.

Fall in love with it and it will fall in love with you.

Let me know you were here!

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