I’m Spoiled.

That’s right. I said it. I am spoiled rotten, but not in a bad way. Twenty seven years ago I was given the best gift I could have ever received…my parents. My parent’s relationship is the ultimate love story. It all started with a boy who met a girl in seventh grade, they fell in love and spent the rest of their lives together. #perfect

Honestly, my parents have given me the world. They both worked so hard throughout my life so that I could have everything I ever wanted. They went through spelling quiz practices with me, attended every track meet and school function I was involved with, and have always been my biggest fans. As I look back over the different stages of life, I smile, because no matter the situation my parents were always there.

I will never know why God felt I would ever deserve these two amazing people, but I am happy that he did. I hope that if I were to be given the chance one day to be a father that I would show my child the same support, guidance, and most importantly the love that my parents have shown me. So thanks mom and dad…I love you guys!

❤ Justin


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