The Coat Closet : Part 2

I laid my head down and closed my eyes

you kissed me on the cheek and walked to the other room to get dressed

you were soon to leave to meet with your “friends” for a couple of drinks

after you had left, I woke up from a terrible nightmare 

a nightmare that made my heart violently leap out of my chest, 

as my arms reached for you, I remembered you were not there

I settled myself down, and grabbed onto your cold pillow and forced myself back to sleep

hours later, I heard the door open

my heart was overjoyed to hear your footsteps enter our home

however, the smell of your drunken nervous breaths pierced my senses 

moments after I heard you open the coat closet then suddenly something shattered to pieces

that’s when I first felt it, I felt my heart grow numb

why did I feel this way? What had happened? Will I ever know?

you entered the room, and I shut my eyes pretending to be asleep

as you crawl into bed, your guilt and scared emotions filled the room

leaving me drowning in my own comfort zone

then with your best act, you lightly kissed my forehead and whispered, “I love you.”

but it was never the same.

“I’ve let go. I moved on. I tried to hold onto what I thought we had. But life is short. I never stopped loving you, I stopped waiting around.” -unknown

❤ Justin

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