20 Things I will do in my 20’s

So, a few years ago on New Year’s Eve I created a “bucket list” of things I wanted to check off my list for that year. Sadly, I was so distracted by the struggles of young adulthood that I didn’t do but one or two items. So now I am publishing my list and instead of labeling it “bucket list,” it will be more of a TO-DO list instead. I will do each of these items while I am still in my twenties (962 days left) and I want to share it with you.

1. Try Yoga

2. Go Skydiving 

3. Visit one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”

4. Volunteer

5. Build something

6. Run a half marathon

7. Run a full marathon

8. Ride in a hot air balloon 

9. Travel abroad

10. Witness a miracle

11. Teach someone something

12. Pick up a new hobby 

13. Fall in love (with something/ or someone)

14. Go to a new vineyard (squash grapes with your feet)

15. Attend a music festival

16. Get an autograph from a celebrity 

17. Go paddle boarding (sounds silly but I have NEVER done this)

18. Buy a hammock and use it often

19. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

20. Catch a last minute flight to a random destination

It’s so nice to create a list of things we want to do, places we want to see, things we want to feel. Why shouldn’t we? These little things that we want to accomplish can become easily lost in our everyday lives, so I encourage you not to lose them. I hope this list makes you think of all the things you have always wanted to do and inspires you to do them. It’s not too late. Start today, join me! Don’t waste another moment.

Let’s go! 

❤ Justin

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