marry your goals 

remain committed to success

be loyal to your dreams

it’s ok to choose yourself.”

-r.h. sin

I stumbled across this quote by R.H. Sin last weekend and it really spoke so loudly to me. I have been speaking with so many individuals going through tough times and it has been reassuring to hear that everyone has their troubles. Everyone is searching for their happiness, true happiness. Does the quest for happiness ever really end? 

I have evolved my thoughts on happiness. I once believed my happiness lived in others and that I was to give people my happiness in order to make it grow. Which was so unfair to me and them. People should not be responsible for someone else’s complete happiness. It’s a huge task! We must take the responsibility and take care of our own happiness. It’s not selfish, it’s smart. 

I gave my happiness to people who were looking for their own. Sure, they didn’t totally neglect the responsibility I gave them. However, they couldn’t juggle the task at hand while maintaining their every day and at the time didn’t understand why. Now standing on my own and from the outside looking in, I now see this alone causes so many problems with your relationship with that person (partner, friend, family member). These people that surround us are not there to hold the full responsibility of us finding true happiness, they are there to add to it, nurture it. 

So I encourage all of you who may be finding yourself in a situation where you realize the people you love are slowly slipping away, evaluate where you both stand. Are you asking too much of them? Or they you? Don’t lose people on pure laziness. Choose yourself, choose to be happy, and choose to chase your dreams. The moment you do this for yourself, is the moment your happiness will explode in your everyday and the everyday of those around you. 

Go get it!

❤ Justin

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