Why not?

Sunday morning I woke up to a perfectly crisp fall morning. In awe of the gorgeous weather I decided to take a trip to the lake. Filled with peace and serenity the lake taught me two things: 1. I need to come here more often for a jog. 2. That I really should invest in a hammock. 

While exploring the lake, I was invited to a spontaneous trip to Quinlan, TX to visit my best friend Kourtney. 

So, I said, “why not?” 

Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls, ya know? So after gossiping, eating some delicious cookie cake (for Kourt’s birthday), drinking wine,  and an impromptu photoshoot in the pasture, I realized I’m in love with my new adventure. The fact that I can play life by my own rules, make my own decisions and just be me…means EVERYTHING to me. It also helps me gain excitement to see what tomorrow will bring. 

Be happy,

❤ Justin

Let me know you were here!

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