There’s no place like Dallas.

I grew up in the small town of Llano, TX. You may know it for its phenomenal BBQ, rolling hills, large whitetail deer population, or you probably have not ever heard from it at all. Growing up I loved going back to school shopping with my mom because we would have to go to the nearest big city to find clothes. I knew that one day I would be a city boy. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful to have had the upbringing that I had in the country, I just knew that it wasn’t my future. After attending college in Nacogdoches, TX (a tad larger than my hometown), I was eager to make my way to a big city. 
If you know anything about Texas, you know it’s BIG. It takes so long to drive across Texas…so as you can imagine having two hard working parents I never really explored much of the Texas cities. Austin and San Antonio were always are closest get-away locations. We dabbled in Houston, but it’s wasn’t quiet our cup of tea. Up until college, I had NEVER been to Dallas (or that I can remember). My first impression was, “ehhhhh.” Little did I know that I would call this place home in just a few more years.

Dallas has a reputation of being uppity, privileged, nose in the air society (or at least that is what I had always heard). To my surprise, Dallas became EVERYTHING to me. Like most cities, Dallas has it’s neighborhoods that people will frequent. However, the neighborhoods in Dallas are more diverse than many of the larger cities that I have seen (at least in Texas). Yes, you have your more “uppity” areas, but you also have your normal areas as well. You have the opportunity to be a chameleon, you can be who you want, when you want. 

So below I decided to share a  few of my favorite neighborhoods that I frequent in Dallas most (in no specific order). 

1. Deep Ellum- trendy, Austin vibes, dress casual, hipster, diverse. Deep Ellum is a great “come as you are” neighborhood and if you want to be relaxed and not worry about being judged for the brand of sunglasses you’re wearing, this is a spot for you. The local beer is to die for (try them all, responsibly). The art murals scattered throughout the neighborhood will probably get you the MOST likes on Instagram than you could possibly imagine. 

It’s no secret that you will have fun here. No dress codes, good food, good people, and fantastic live music…EVERYWHERE. 

2. Uptown- am I too old for this place? Dressy, young, college scene, expensive.

Uptown is always a good time. Literally, it has everything you need. However, they don’t call it UP- town for nothing, this could be where all the “uppity” Dallas people frequent most. The prices may be a little more expensive than some neighborhoods but you will have a great experience. I would definitely encourage you to Yelp the places you go here, you will want to make sure you don’t roll out in sweat pants (actually never wear sweat pants out in Dallas). If you’re in love with people watching get ready to see lots of pretty people. 

3. Lower Greenville- popsicles, trendy, food, St. Patrick’s Day.

Lower Greenville is on the lower side of Greenville street (original, right?). The feel is similar to Deep Ellum just on a smaller scale. This Dallas neighborhood has several incredible restaurants (truck yard is my all-time fav), bars, shops, and it even has its own Trader Joes. It’s a nice chill place to come on the weekends or maybe even a week night. 

4. Bishop Arts District- antiques, vintage, pricey, upper class trendy.

Bishop Arts can be a trek…but it’s worth a visit every once in a while. The shops are fun to explore and find things that you definitely don’t need, but you MUST have. The food over here is SOOO GOOD, I would recommend this neighborhood from brunch, lunch, or dinner. This area is a mix of Uptown and Deep Ellum so it’s a nice place.

So next time any of you out of town folks come for a visit to the “Big D,” feel free to use this as reference. Who knows, you may fall in love with Dallas just like I did. 


❤ Justin

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