The truth set me free.

Four years, 1,460 days, or 35,040 hours. However you prefer to look at it, it’s a long time. How can it be possible to spend your that amount of time with someone and not know who they are? Or do we just wish not to see it? 
The words “I love you” are not meant to be the words that help cover lies of a cheating partner. When the truth comes out the victim thinks, ‘Why me?’ ‘Why did you want to drain my time?’ Most importantly, ‘Why did you not just let me go first?’
I am standing tall with the bruises on both the inside and outside from your so called “love” and I can finally tell you farewell. I thought I wouldn’t be strong enough to stand on my own, but I will. I will no longer allow you to control my life. My words, feelings, and opinions are  all my own. It’s time people see you for who you really are. 
I pray that you realize that you have a sickness and I pray that one day you will cure yourself of the things that are slowly ruining the life you have worked for. I also pray that the next man that enters my life can help me regain the trust that you took from me. 

When I told you that I loved you, I meant it.


5 thoughts on “The truth set me free.

  1. BABYYY!! I love you, you are very strong and I’m proud to know you are finding yourself and your own happiness. While you know you both are dear to me, I’m extremely glad for you to get a second chance at your own pure happiness. Let me know if you need anything at all.

    Monica from da D-town boogie


  2. Be mad, be sad, and then be happy; let it all happen and don’t keep it all inside. You are a beautiful person, and you won’t be able to keep happiness from finding you. 😘


  3. Awe friend 😞. It’s all good, you are an awesome, loving, and genuine person. You will most certainly come out on top!


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