Starting over.

Days like today I am glad that I have this blog. Sometimes I wonder if people actually read/care about anything that is posted on this site. Regardless, the answer… I love having this is an outlet. I love being able to control the content and release the words that sometimes I can’t say out loud. I have been losing myself the past year, and no one is to blame but me. Many people that follow me on social media may be shocked because I show a life of bliss to the public. Don’t feel sorry for me, I allowed this to happenimg_0028. I decided to keep walking the same path because I wanted it to lead me to happiness. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I became a victim in my own prison. I enclosed myself in a cage that I could not breathe in and every day I convinced myself that this was my normal. While trapped in this self-imprisonment I lost who I was, I became cruel, I lost my smile, and most importantly I lost the happiness that I used to radiate. Until now.

Earlier this week, I decided to make the appropriate changes to get my life back. I am no longer wasting a second in my pursuit of happiness. Making this decision, I had to say goodbye to a very important person in my life. I want nothing but happiness in his life and I was unable to provide that. The steps I am taking are difficult. I am standing alone and outside my comfort zone…but this freedom to create a new path is necessary. img_0606

So please stay tuned, as I begin to take my first step into the unknown. Anything can happen.

Be happy and take a step of faith,

❤ Justin

One thought on “Starting over.

  1. Don’t stop writing…I read and feel a window of my heart that was broken open to another that’s glass has shattered before him. Until stepping foot into this darkness, one can never understand the depths of its toils. I love you and know that I have walked the steps you are taking…it will get easier. ❤️Jess

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