Be happy.

For anyone that knows me, they know that the two words above mean everything to me. However, like many people I sometimes I overlook this simple phrase. I become lost in the world and all of the negativity it can bring. And that’s it. Happiness buzz-kill. 
Why do we punish ourselves like this? Why do we allow ourselves to make it easier to be angry or upset and harder to be happy and optimistic? As I sat self-reflecting on this, I put together 5 steps to improving happiness each day. 
1. Be nicer to yourself.

This is one I struggle with, every time I see myself I tell myself that I am too big, too pale, too (insert negative adjective). Society has taught us to always want to be something that we are not. I encourage you to join me as I spend a whole day giving yourself compliments. Verbal, written, or just inside your head. Tell yourself you are beautiful, you are smart, you are perfectly YOU. 

2. Be nice to others. 

Whether it be opening the door for someone else, paying for someone’s coffee in line behind you, or just smiling at someone in passing. Doing little gestures like this will create a positive environment around you, allowing you to indulge in the day’s full potential of happiness. 

3. Get some exercise.

I know, I know this one is usually hard for most of us. But you do not need to run a marathon or become a power lifter (if you do…GO YOU!) to get decent exercise. Just change up your routine a little bit. Park a little further in the store parking lot to give yourself some more steps. Try a free yoga class. Just give yourself an escape door for all the stress you may have built up and say “BUH-BYE!”

4. Eat that cookie.

Ok, so this one is just for my personal benefit. Cookies make me happy, so I will get the cookie if I want it. I think you should too! Cookies+ you = happiness

5. Be quiet and listen to the good.

It is so easy these days to turn on the news, or get on social media and drown in all the bad things happening in the world. But contrary to popular belief, the world isn’t all bad. It’s so easy to listen to the negative we forget to also listen to the positive. So I encourage you to celebrate the positives in each day. You may be surprised how fun this can be. 

Life has so much potential. Rain or shine there is always a reason to be happy. No matter what you’re going through it is important to remember you are here to help the rest of us. We are all placed on this earth to learn, teach, and grow. Remember: you are valued, you are important, you are a blessing. So go love yourself a little harder and smile. Life is good with you in it.

Oh the places you will go, 
❤ Justin

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