5 steps to building a great LinkedIn profile.

As a recruiter, LinkedIn is my go to place to find some of the best candidates. Many of times I can catch someone on a bad day at work that is the “unicorn candidate” for one of my open positions and I can get a conversation started.

Searching for jobs can easily become a job in itself. Everyone needs a Linkedin. Why? Because it’s an easy way to launch your career and you make it easier for company recruiters to find you. Here are my five simple starting steps to creating a memorable LinkedIn page.

  1. Profile picture is EVERYTHING!

LinkedIn is not the place for selfies, or a cropped pictures of college party you looked decent at. It needs to be professional and inviting. No, I’m not saying everyone needs a professional headshot (if your company ever provides one you should ALWAYS take it), just dress up in your best and pose in a neutral place and have a friend take a picture. Looks are not everything…however people who smile and look nicer will probably get more profile views from companies than someone who is posing like Zoolander in a theme park, with a kid throwing up in the background.
2. What’s your headline?

How do you sell yourself? The headline can be used for your current job title, or just a line that describes your expertise. Maybe even both? The key to a great headline is to keep it short and to the point. This will also trigger searches from recruiters when they are targeting certain candidates.

3. Summary 

Use this to show your personality, showcase your work ethic and introduce yourself. You can add media, pieces of your work, ANYTHING! This will help future employers understand who you are before you even have a first conversation. 

4.Job History 

Adding every job you have ever had since you were 16 is not necessary. Instead add positions that you have held that are relevant. Usually keeping your professional positions you have held are the ones you need to promote the most for transparency. Also don’t be afraid to include detailed job duties. This will also help recruiters find you. It’s ok to be detailed and a little lengthy here, I would suggest using bullet points to make the positions easier for viewers to read.

 5. Let’s connect! 

Connect with everyone you know or people you have met. Follow leaders in the industry you are pursuing and get involved in discussions or posts. This will help you link to more people outside of your circle. 

 In closing, think of LinkedIn as a dating profile for employers. You want to make companies like you. You want to make yourself look like a great fit for the companies future. If you want a promising opportunity to approach you, simply make yourself approachable and build a great LinkedIn profile, I promise you will be happy that you did. 

Let’s connect,

❤ Justin 

Let me know you were here!

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