Smart people, BRUNCH.

Public School 214. Probably one of the coolest dining options in Uptown. Very neat, very clean, and very GOOD!


Like all brunch-ventures the top two things to look for in a location is a patio and a great mimosa special. Public School 214 delivered both! Though the patio weather was not ideal the mimosa special made up for it. For just $10/ per person you can fulfill your thirst with all you can drink. The freshly squeezed OJ was everything!!

IMG_4366After a few glasses of mimosa’s, it was time for some food. So the table easily decided that charcuterie board was just the thing.

The mix of bread, cheese, nuts, and jams were simply the best way to start the meal. We probably could have just went straight to brunch food, but let’s be honest… we wanted to make the unlimited mimosa’s really last. So we did!

The brunch menu was very enticing, everything looked good. Places like this makes you wish you could have a sample platter so you could get a taste of everything.

After several drinks and some good snacks and watching other peoples food being delivered near us, we finally decided what we were going to indulge in. The first option that made the list was a Texas dream.IMG_4364

The Smothered Breakfast Burrito was LIFE. The combination of avocado, smashed browns, egg, chimichurri, provolone and bacon left a lasting impression on my taste buds. It’s safe to say, I will definitely be getting this again!

The next item that made it’s way to the table was Egg’s Benedict Pizza. Who can say no to pizza? Let alone, breakfast pizza…the answer is NO ONE! Built with prosciutto, grana padano, hollandaise, and two fried eggs, this pizza takes your breath away (in a good way).

So the next time you find yourself in the Uptown area and you want a brunch experience that will leave you wanting more…Public School 214 is the place! It opens at 10, and serves brunch Saturday and Sunday. So grab your friends, and get to brunch’n! Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 6.27.44 PM


p.s. Let me know your favorite Dallas brunch spots!

Let me know you were here!

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