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So one thing you should know about me is that i’m not that into beer. I have always wanted to be one of those people that could drink a beer without gagging so I am on a mission to find “my beer.”When thinking of ways I could incorporate my beer journey I thought, “why not do a blog?” So I went to the store and grabbed a variety of beers for me and my friends (who also are not the biggest beer drinkers) and this is how these Texas local beers did.

We scored each beer on a 1-5 scale:
1.Not likely
3.I’d tap that (beer pun)
4.YUM! Refill

#1 Stars Above Raspberry Sour Ale (Fort Worth, TX) IMG_4264

Stars Above is a fantastic option for one of those hot summer days by the pool. This beer provides a tart/ sweet element (but not overwhelming) that will leave you wanting more. Which we could all agree this is our new go-to!

Judge Rankings: 4, 4, 3.5

#2  GPA- German Pale Ale (Farmers Branch, TX)

IMG_4259VERY GERMAN. VERY BITTER. VERY GOOD. Surprised? So were we! The smell is refreshing and even though the beer is bitter, it leaves you wanting another glass.

Judge Rankings: 3, 3, 3

#3 Deep Ellum’s Dallas Blonde

IMG_4261So I am a tad biased on this beer, I discovered this one recently and find it to be a solid choice when I go out to dinner with friends. The group could agree that based on all the beer we tasted this one was a “local basic,” Nothing about it was interesting, but it was simply good so that’s why it made our number three.

Judge Rankings: 4, 4, 1



#4 Hell Below- Strong Black Ale (Fort Worth, TX)

IMG_4265As soon as we poured the hidden contents in the can of Hell Below, we all gasped. Obviously, we expected this one to be dark, but this was REALLY dark (there was also no head…is that normal?). This was not love at first sip, but it was interesting. Hell Below was a equal mixture of a heavy and a light beer all in one. This beer is definitely a sipper and a good dessert option (has a nice coffee flavor).

Judge Rankings: 3, 3, 2


#5 Fire Ant Funeral- Amber Ale (Dallas, TX)

IMG_4257Something about the title made all of us feel that we were about to drink some sort of form ant poison. Good news! It wasn’t poison, it was actually pretty good. We agreed we would definitely drink this again.

Judge Rankings: 3, 2, 2





#6 Bombshell Blonde (Conroe, TX)

IMG_4256This beer smells REAL BAD. I don’t know why I always have to smell things before consuming them. Luckily, the taste was not at all bad. Though it was not our favorite, we all could agree this was number six of the bunch. If you ever have one of these beauties add a lemon or a lime.

Judge Rankings: 2, 3, 2




#7 DayBreak- 4 Grain Breakfast Beer (Fort Worth, TX)

IMG_4260First thought: SOOOOO SMOOTH! I know this says “Breakfast Beer,” I just don’t think it was good enough to be replacing a mimosa.

Judge Rankings: 2, 2, 3






#8 Juice- Grapefruit Session IPA (Fort Worth, TX)

IMG_4258Because of the gorgeous can, I wanted this beer to be the best beer in all the land. However, the popular saying, “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” also applies to beer. Being heavy grapefruit I expected the bitterness, but it definitely overpowered the beer for us leaving with not the best first impression.

Judge Ranking: 1, 1, 2


#9 American Wit- Belgian American Witbier (FarmersBranch, TX)

IMG_4262The smell is not the best, but the  first sip leaves you curious for more. Unfortunately, the more you drink the worse the after taste. One comment was that this was a “better Bud Light.”

Judge Rankings: 1, 1, 1





#10 50ft Jack Rabbit- IPA (Dallas, TX)

IMG_4263Extremely fruity smell! After a few sips, you can slightly taste the fruit. However, the fruit flavor is buried under a bitter nasty taste. Definitely our least favorite of the bunch.

Judge Ranking: 1, 1, 1





Quick shout out to Matt and Milly for helping me with the beer judging. This was definitely a fun project and we learned a lot about what kind of styles we like. So to all of you out there like us that are not the biggest beer enthusiasts…try out some of our favorites, you may be surprised!

Matt and Milly (my amazing judges)


❤ Justin

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