3 simple ways to make your office space smile.

So your alarm clock goes off Monday morning and part of you dies inside. Even if you love your job, when you hear that annoying sound you immediately regret not getting the amount of sleep during the weekend that you probably should have gotten. One way to make your mornings better is showing up to an office space that is both homey and inviting.


These are my 3 steps to make your office space smile…

1. Decor is a MUST.


No matter if your in a big office or a small cubicle. Adding a few homey touches to your office space will bring you a sense of home with you to work. It will make you comfortable and ready to get started to work sooner.  A big bonus to any office is the color green. Scientist have studied the color green in the workplace and they discovered it activates the creative side of the brain. I incorporated green from a fake plant (thanks IKEA), plants are supposed to help bring life to your space. I kill most all inside plants, so I chose the safe route.

2. Add a picture of something or someone you love.


Whether it’s your friends, significant other, or even a pet. This will remind you to keep working hard and also gives you a sense of relief to during a stressful day.

3. Install Motivation


Motivation is necessary for everyone’s office space. It could be a quote, picture, or even a handwritten post-it note like mine. Sometimes it’s  nice to give ourselves a pat on the back, or words of encouragement.

So for those of you who need a pleasant change in your office, I encourage you to use these three simple steps. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Remember if your office smiles, you smile! 🙂

Go Team Dimples!

❤ Justin




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