This is 27.


Well, I did it! Another year has passed and I am blessed to have made it to 27. This year since my birthday fell during a very busy time, I pushed back the celebration a few weeks and decided to celebrate with America (Independence Day and my sweet cousin Rachel- Happy Birthday Rach!).

This year I grabbed my friends and we took a road-trip to the Texas hill country. It has been a few years since I have visited my hometown of Llano, TX. So I wanted to show my friends where I came fromIMG_4218. As we pulled into the city, my heart raced. I was HOME. Though it is completely different to the big city I live in now, I appreciate this small town more than ever before. It helped mold me into the person I have become and it taught me to be kind, humble, and hard working.

Naturally, the first place I took my friends (after a four hour drive/karaoke fest)  was the ever so famous tourist attraction Cooper’s BBQ. As we pulled in the smell of the hot bricked grill filled our noses and we were in a state of glutinous shock. We ordered. We ate. We left very satisfied.

After a stomach full of delicious BBQ, we made our way to the next stop on our weekend adventure… ENCHANTED ROCK. I have climbed Enchanted Rock a countless number of times. However, each time I climb to the top it gives me a new story, a new experience and a new outlook.

It was about 10o degrees when we arrived to Enchanted Rock Park, so it is safe to say that it was HOTTTTT, but we were not about to let us stop us. We grabbed our water bottles and were on our way! After a long journey, we made it to the  top and just sat there and soaked it all in. It was cool to share “my neck of the woods,” with all of my friends.

The next stop we made before the final destination was my old house. My house is located on top of a hill in Llano, so as soon as we crossed the Llano bridge I looked to the hills to make sure it was still there. IMG_4125So many of my memories still live in that house, and even though I may never step foot in there again I will always cherish my time there and I hope that who ever may call this beautiful hilltop place home now, will put just as many memories (if not more) than the Barington’s did.

After reminiscing on my “yester-years” we pulled out of County Road 304, we took a left and made our way to Austin, TX (our final destination). Austin never disappoints we took a stroll down “dirty 6th,” ate at good places (and some bad places…our fault), and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and each others company.

Some of my favorite adventures (pictures above) in Austin was the Austin Graffiti Park, and Barton Springs Pool. If you ever have a chance to visit these two places you will walk away with good memories, pictures, and possibly a nice tan.

So happy to have had the chance to celebrate 27 with some of my favorite people. It’s nice to bring your friends together and just escape and exist in the moment. I have been flooded with happiness so far in 27 and hope that I approach 28 with the same feeling.IMG_4134

Stay tuned!
❤ Justin

More pics from this weekend…



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