I know that it’s mine…

(Inspired by the song, “Mine” by Phoebe Ryan)Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.27.34 PM

Wow! What a wonderful week it has been. I made it to another year of life (twenty…something), started a new job, and in the mix of it all, I learned a lot more about myself in one week than one year. As I reflect on my life thus far, I have always believed happiness is  the key to everything. And years ago, I promised myself I would always put my happiness first.

When I find myself falling in a hole, I give myself time to grieve the (in that moment) shattered dreams. Then I pick myself up  and arrange a plan of action. To say that I was hit with life’s curves balls completely by accident,  would be  unrealistic. I believe that everything happens for a reason. We meet people, we are supposed to know (short or long term), we go places we are supposed to go, and see things that we need to see. Always keeping in mind that we should follow our happiness. And when we find ourselves not happy…we simply need to fix it, or at least I do.

Last year, I got myself into a few holes that I needed to get out of. Now, I begin my next year of life back on solid ground. As I dust myself off, I appreciate the lessons I learned and cherish the people that encouraged me to stand back up. The journey of life is seriously a roller-coaster, but it keeps it interesting.

What will happen this year is completely left a mystery. However, I am confident that no matter what life throws at me in year…27, or what is hiding along my path. I will keep my happiness in arms reach and keep moving forward. Because when it comes to happiness, I know that it’s mine!

❤ Justin


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