“Make like a Tom, & CRUISE!”

I’m back! Wow, what an adventure. I have found that traveling is my new spirit animal, but out of all my trips I think this one was the best! Once again, my best friend was with me so how can it be anything but amazing, right?

Back in December as Matt and I were exchanging Christmas presents he demanded that I open mine all at once. As I opened each gift their was a letter hidden in the wrapping as I pieced them together they spelled out “C-R-U-I-S-E”12391782_1675419899371060_7170145276957987142_n

So Wednesday evening after work we made our way to Houston, TX. We thought spending the night in Houston and a finding a quaint brunch place in Galveston would be the perfect start to our vacation. Little did we know, it’s harder to find a brunch place in the middle of the week…so we had lunch at our favorite little place on the beach instead.

IMG_3630When we arrived at Tiki Bar, Matt ran into some familiar faces from college. What was even cooler about this pleasant surprise was that they were going on the SAME CRUISE! Which was so much fun, each one of them are truly beautiful on the inside and out.


I must say one thing that I loved most about this cruise was all the friendships I took from the ship. Everyone on the ship was friendly and just wanted to relax and have fun. It was addicting! Whether it be the sweet girls from our dining table celebrating their “dirty thirty.” Or our friends and wonderful bar staff at Alchemy Bar each night. Everyone was so open and accepting of each other – what a wonderful place, right?


We departed from Galveston on Thursday, and arrived in Cozumel on Saturday. The weather was nothing but gorgeous and I was amazed by all the shades of blue the water was. Definitely made me re-think my decision to step into Galveston water before we took off. #YOLO. IMG_3597

When I saw Mexico for the first time, I was in awe. These kind of waters MUST BE where mermaids live. It was truly breath taking. We left the ship for our day excursion to Paradise Beach and hopped on a double decker boat and in 45 minutes we arrived to our destination.

Words cannot describe the paradise and neither can these pictures. I believe everyone should get a taste of this and experience it for themselves. I played in the transparent waters, walked through the blinding white sand, and laid down in water hammocks and just thought to myself how truly BLESSED I am.

Thanks Matt!

❤ Justin

Let me know you were here!

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