27 things you learn in your twenties…

Birthdays have always been so fun and exciting. But as I get older, they become dreadful…this year I turn 27 (in June), and it’s strange. I guess I had always thought that I would hit the magical age of 25 and just stay 25 until the end of time. Then in the midst of that dream, life poured a bucket of ice cold water on my slumber, bringing me back to reality.So since there is nothing I can do about growing older…I will embrace it!

I have decided to put together a list of 27 things I have learned in my 20’s.

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1. Don’t be afraid of change.
After college, nothing is the same. You no longer have the all of your friends at your fingertips. You have to learn how to meet new people…if you move away. You have to learn how to grasp all the responsibilities of being the adult you always wanted to be. It’s a scary time…but don’t be scared. Instead, be excited.

2. Check in with Mom and Dad.
In college, you would probably shoot them a text every once in awhile…but in your twenties, it is crucial to talk to them. They always have your best interest at heart, and will always be there to give you the BEST advice. Mom and Dad will become some of your best friends in your twenties. Remember they stuck with you in your crazy teenage days… Always remind them you love them. 

3. Student loans…suck!
Yes, this one is unfortunate growing pain that nearly everyone is dealing with. Even though it seemed like monopoly money at the time, it in fact was and still is very real. Don’t be discouraged when a fraction of your paycheck goes to that…just pay it and eat some ramen.

4. Everyone will be married or engaged.
Don’t think it’s a race. Your time will come, rushing to catch up with friends that are at this stage in life will not be beneficial. Just enjoy the ride, eat some wedding cake (as a guest) and wait for your moment to happen. It will.

5. Calories are real.
Yes, that cake your about to eat will  in fact reappear on your hips. Our empire of great metabolisms we once had, our slowly crumbling down in our twenties. Adopt work out routines into your schedule…it’s hard to balance with work, but you will feel so much better eating that next piece of chocolate pie. Always remember health is wealth.

6. Travel often.
Do it, it’s an investment! Save the money and take yourself somewhere new. Your twenties are the best years to learn about new cultures, and explore new cities. It will inspire you.

7. Adopt new hobbies.
It’s nice to try new things, whether it be yoga, blogging, wine tasting, etc. Learn how to do new things and keep life interesting.

8. Love yourself.
If you don’t, how do you expect anyone else to? Sometimes we get caught up in life, and forget who we are. Don’t lose you.

9. Party like a rockstar.
Just kidding! After 25, you will learn your body will not like you if you drink too much the night before. You will learn to go have fun with friends and be in bed at a reasonable time.

10. Nurture friendships.
Whether it be old or new friendships, doing this will be worth more than your paycheck at the end of the week.

11. Learn to cook.
The time is now, you can only eat out a few times a week before you realize you are broke. So log in to Pinterest start with a realistic recipe and see what happens. You may find that you have a hidden talent.

12. Pop  open a bottle of wine.
In your twenties, a glass of wine is the ultimate cure to ANYTHING. Whether it be long days at work, stress, or just a night in with friends. You slowly learn to appreciate wine in your twenties (just don’t forget #9…hangovers are real bad after 25)

13. Listen to people.
Hearing them is not enough. Sometimes people just need to let out words that have been harboring in them, so let them. You will never know what all you can learn if you just listen. Fun fact: listen and silent are spelled with the same letters.

14. Stay organized.
This is good to learn early in your twenties. Buy yourself a planner, or link everything to your iPhone. Whatever it takes. Your work and social calendar will thank you for this.

15. Set goals.
Set short term and long term goals for yourself. It’s nice to have something to work for. These goals do not have to be big goals, even small goals will keep you motivated to work.

16. Don’t judge people.
You never know what people are going through. So just worry about you. This will make the world around you a better place. Just be understanding of others and they will be understanding of you.

17. Learn from your mistakes.
Sometimes we make bad life decisions…might as well learn from them. Taking a safe path can lead in failure, so might as well take a leap of faith and see what happens. Follow your dreams and know that it’s ok if they don’t work out, but if you don’t try…you will never know.

18. The little stuff matters.
Whether it be doing something special for someone, or taking on extra responsibilities at work. People will notice.

19. Put an expiration date on the past.
Don’t hold on to things people did that once hurt you. Or even things that you did to yourself. You need to let the problems expire, this will make life so much easier.

20. It’s OK to say no.
Whether it be friends, family, or coworkers there will always be pressure to take on more responsibilities or help people and that’s fine. Sometimes in order to help people we must first help ourselves. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

21. Stuff is just stuff.
Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Always ask yourself if you want this, or need this. Your wants will be regrets in your bank account later on.

22. You college major WAS worth it.
Unless you were a nursing major, most of you probably are not in the jobs that are relevant to your college major. And that’s ok! It was not a waste of time, it is something to be proud of you. In those 4-5 years you read countless pages, studied crazy hours, and showed people you were serious. Everything happens for a reason. You made all the right choices!

23. Get a pet. 
It is life changing. It will give you a best friend that will adore you forever.

24. Don’t care what people think.
It is such a waste of energy. It will consume your daily life and you will never feel free in your own world.

25. Ask for what you want.
Whether you are wanting a raise at work, a promotion, or if you are trying to get something that will advance your skill set or help you professionally or personally…ask for it. If you don’t the answer will always be no. Every “no” will bring you one step closer to your next “yes!”

26. Learn how to relax. 
Life can seem to pass us by so quickly. With deadlines, and hectic schedules it’s hard to find time to just think about what is going on around you. Give yourself a certain time frame to just sit in a quiet place and embrace who you are, and how far you have come. Celebrate you! You’re awesome!

27. Life gets better.
Like a fine wine, we get better with age. So pour yourself a nice big glass of you and get ready to be blown away.

❤ Justin.




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