Why not?

My adventure to CHICAGO, IL.

Also know as, the city of great food! Wow! I can’t even begin to explain the gluttony that happened on this trip. It all started with my very first deep dished pizza pie…Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.48.21 PM
…i’m just going to let you stare at this for awhile.

The what seemed like endless molting cheese of goodness was just what the doctor ordered after a long flight. I barely knew the city but after taking my first bite of this pizza…I was in love.

“Wow Justin, you travel so often…”

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.48.34 PMI never used to travel, in fact, I was scared to. I had always dreamed of exploring new places, but the thought of going to an unknown place was uncomfortable to me. What if something bad happened? What if I get lost? Then one day, someone very close to me said, “Justin, if your dreams don’t scare you, then their not big enough.”I will always be thankful for that statement, because it encouraged me to take that leap of faith into the unknown (many times).

I explored this city, not even really knowing what it had to offer. I just went. I took a leap of faith and that was all I needed. No, I had no idea what was going to happen. Yes, it was a bit frightening. But I did it and I am so happy that I did.

In adventures like this one, I get to see the beauty of the country I have lived in my whole life. I get to try new cuisine (my favorite part), meet new people, create a new path. Most importantly I live and I choose not to give in to the fears that I once had.


Let me know you were here!

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